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Started Packing // Few Essentials

Yaay! Let the adventures begin! In 3 days I’m going on vacation, visiting 5 countries and I can’t contain my excitement. This is definitely going to be a fun one-whole-month. I have been planning for this for the past couple of weeks, so here we go. For starters, PACKING. I have started sorting out tiny bits and pieces, my main essentials TOILETRIES. Haha I know.. and some skin care and makeup as well.

IMG_9749IMG_9750IMG_9746IMG_9745IMG_9747FullSizeRender 8

They are all collected in two bags for an easier jam. I like these bags because the outside part is plastic which means if something’s decided to spill you’ll not have it everywhere in your suitcase. The thought of it alone is terrifying. We don’t have time to deal with that kind of situation. Another thing I like about the bigger bag is that you can hang it up because it has a hook, again, easy access and you can see the whole shebang once it’s hanged and open.

I’ll sure document my trip and share it.

That’s all for now! x


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The Face Shop//New Finds

For the past few weeks, my skin was a mess! Pimples were popping everywhere (at least only on the surfaces of my face, fortunately), plus it’s that time, that depressing time when you need refills for the products you have gone thru. While my skin was in that not-so-pleasing state, decided to might as well try out other products. I have tried first the serum of The Face Shop and oh I’m loving it! Then, the raving desire went on and now my skin care regime is gradually becoming The Face Shop centred. Haha.

Here are the products I fall in love with:


Pomegranate and Collagen Volume Lifting Eye Cream

I have been loving the eye cream as well. It’s the perfect alternative for the Kiehl’s anti ageing cream one that I used to use because that stuff is very expensive! When I saw the word collagen on the product, I’m sold! In addition, the texture is almost like a serum rather than a cream. Since it is light weight, it gets cold even under a room temperature and once you apply it on your skin it will (kind of) act as a de-puffer too. I use this night and day as part of my skin care routine before I apply any moisturizer on.

Calendula Moisture Serum

My new favourite serum! My skin type is on the drier side and any product that can give me moisture, I’ll be all over it. This product absorbs easily and leaves your skin soft and hydrated but not greasy.

Chia Seed Fresh Lip and Eye Make-Up Remover

I’m not very particular when it comes to make-up remover because I always do wash my face after removing my make-up and follow up with micellar water before I proceed to apply any product on, so, anything will do. However, I like this one particularly because of its name and I know that this is meant to be used for lips and eyes only but I use this on my whole face. This removes everything without stinging your eyes and since chia seeds are packed with protein and antioxidants they’re supposed to be very good for your skin.

Fresh Milk Cream

Instead of using a body lotion, I use this. It’s rich and creamy (hence the name hehe) and moisturises just like your typical lotion would do. I am just a big fan of products that get the job done and absorb quickly. There’s nothing more gross than feeling sticky and waste a minute to wait until the lotion dries up or absorbs before putting clothes on especially when you’re running late (story of my life, always).

These are all my new finds that serve me well and I don’t regret purchasing.

Thanks for stopping by and take care of yourself! xx

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5 Easy Ways to Organise your Thoughts

I came up with the idea of this blog post when I was sorting through my stuff this morning. For a couple of weeks now I have been experiencing a lot of pressure and stress over everything- personal related and work related circumstances. Seems like my mind is going to explode with all the things that I feel like I need to think about. However, I have realised that no matter how uneasy things are and how they left me drained and knackered, I still managed to get it done and happened to turn it just the way I wanted. Adulting can be overwhelming, seriously, with all the responsibilities you have to deal with on your own not to mention the choices and decision makings you have to make every freaking day. But my mindset is, always do your absolute best and don’t be discouraged if anything doesn’t happen the way you want it to happen. Plan and act everything in good faith and let tomorrow worry for tomorrow. I’ll share with you the ways that work best for me everytime I found myself overthinking.


Writing down your thoughts is so helpful in de-cluttering your mind. Make the famous to-do list and I can assure you, you will feel so much better especially when you cross out what’s done. Having a to-do list also assures you that you won’t forget anything and nothing will be left undone. Place it somewhere you can always see and it will also serve as a reminder of the things you need to get into, either for the day or for the week. So, there no reason to keep re-thinking about it because you got it sorted (sort of).


This is where you can organise the things that need immediate attention and the things that aren’t. Of course, carry out and think only the things that you need to do at the present moment and not for the next 6 months or a year. One thing in front of the other, one by one, that’s the way it’s gonna work. Unless you can multi-task but again not to the extent that you’re exhausting your mind over the things that aren’t necessarily be happening today.


I’m well aware that conflict sometimes is inevitable especially with all the differences we have in culture and viewpoint, but we can definitely try to avoid it. I bet you have seen someone you know who likes to complain just about everything they can possibly see or dealt with, because I have, and that my friend is a nightmare! Containing what you feel hearing them and keeping your cool take a tons of efforts. But you have to keep it together because it’s not worth it, they don’t deserve your reaction and do not even dignify it with a response. Ignore them and don’t let them disturb your inner peace. There’s nothing more pleasant than having a peaceful sleep and wake up the next morning worry free because you know you wronged no one or you hassled no one. I’m sure you all have heard the quote ‘less talk, less mistake’. Now, don’t get me wrong, it is as important as expressing how you feel and what your thoughts are, but you have to consider the situation and anticipate the response you might be getting. Are you gonna be helpful or are you just saying things so it’ll be known that you have a say on something? Believe me, you don’t need to give a comment on everything especially if that isn’t inspiring and also because somehow nowadays, people get easily offended by the things you said that weren’t what they think you meant. Walk away from this kind of people they aren’t healthy to be around.


Seek answers for the things that bother you. Your questions can’t be attended unless you actually seek for probable reasons. Things that you have doubt on and keep hunting you will get you thinking about it over and over again. If you have issues with someone and experiencing the so-called ‘inevitable conflict’ you have to work on it and resolve it before it can lead to further conflict. Validating any kind of feels can set your mind free but don’t rationalise things base on your assumptions that’s too risky, to be honest.


The last but by no means least, celebrate. There are bajillion things to celebrate, folks. Look around and you’ll see. I can’t enumerate them all in here but personally, my fave is taking a walk, I know this may seem like the most normal thing to do but it is relaxing for me. Taking your mind off things and the fact that you are able to take a break, that is indeed a celebration. In addition, I would binge watch a new tv series or read a fiction book over coffee. These are small gestures that you can reward yourself because you have accomplished something or because you are up to date on your to-do list. Only if you do the things I have mentioned. No matter what kind of relaxations you may have, appropriate and not illegal of course, whatever suits your taste, you do that.

The state of our mind can affect our actions and our entire well being. We are the one managing our mind not the other way around. We have a choice on what to feed our minds with, and that is already a victory. Mental health is as important as physical health, with all those greens and weight lifting you’re doing. Basically the same.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you found this helpful! 



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The Blogger Tag

Thank you so much to the sweet and lovely Shay-lon for nominating me to do this tag. Please check out her blog for some Fitness and Health goals and inspirations. You can find a variety of information from her to why ‘Staying healthy isn’t a crime-Fitness is a lifestyle choice’.

Here we go with;

Question 1: How tall are you?


Question 2: Do you have a hidden talent?

No. In fact, I don’t have a talent at all, but I’ve got few skills. 

Question 3: What’s your biggest blog-related pet peeve?

Mean comments. 

Question 4: What’s you biggest non blog-related pet peeve?

Hairs on the floor and noisy eater. PLEASE don’t. 

Question 5: What’s your favourite song?

Dancing on My Own by Calum Scott

Question 6: What is your favourite social media website?


Question 7: What is your favourite way to spend free time when you are alone?

Probably watching tv series/youtube and reading.   

Question 8: What is your favourite junk food?

I don’t eat junk food. 

Question 9: Do you have a pet/pets? If so, what kind and what are their names?

No, I don’t have any. 

Question 10: What is your number one favourite non-ficton and fiction book?

My favourite fiction book is All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. 

My favourite non-fiction book is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.

Question 11: What is your favourite beauty product/tool?

My favourite beauty product would have to be my chapstick, too. 

Question 12: When were you last embarrassed? What happened?

I legit paused for a moment to try to remember, but I couldn’t remeber any. WOW, my social life is so fun! 

Question 13: If you could only drink one beverage (besides water) for the rest your life, what would it be?

I’ll go with iced tea.

Question 14: What is your favourite movie?

My favourite movie is The Last Song. 

Question 15: What was your favourite lesson in school and why?

I didn’t really had a favourite, anything without numbers will do though. Numbers are my nightmare. 

Question 16: If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?

CANADA, and it is happening real soon. Fingers crossed! 

Question 17: PC or Mac?


Question 18: Last romantic gesture from a crush, date boy/girlfriend, spouse?

A flower from the ex-boyfriend, if it counts. But that was the last. HAHA! 

Question 19: Favourite celebrity?

I don’t have a favourite celebrity. 

Question 20: What blogger do you secretly want to be friends with?

Nothing in particular, really. I wanna be friends with everybody I follow because they are all inspiring. 

Question 21: Who is your biggest inspiration?

My family and the people I know personally and not personally who share kindness and positivity to anyone they could meet. 

Question 22: What is your favourite blog to read?

Health, beauty and lifestyle related as well as literature related.

Question 23: What is your favourite high street shop?

BARCODE. I think you can’t find this shop anywhere but UAE. Hehe

Question 24: Are you in education or do you work?


Question 25: What is one thing you are proud of?

My ability to push forward no matter what and my love for learning anything new every day.  

My nominees are:

Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a great day or evening!

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I have been on a hunt for a new facial cleanser and found Aveeno. I used a few products and did not find any distinctive result from a long time of using it. Sure, it cleanses your face, I hoped. However, with this product, I notice a difference right after patting my skin dry; it does not make my skin feel tight like an everything-stripped-off kind of tight, and the brightening effect does actually work because my pimple scars appear less dark in just two weeks of using.


Sunscreen. We all know how important sunscreens are and somehow we just take it for granted. However, it is essential in your skin care routine to count the sunscreen in, every day. I too don’t bother to use sunscreen before, but now I do. I am using Cetaphil; it tends to feel a bit sticky on the skin at first right after applying it, but it dries faster and absorbs into the skin quickly, so the stickiness therein will not be long.


I fell in love with the Diorskin Star Concealer by Dior. In fact, I like it more now than the NARS Creamy Concealer. It blends well, matches my skin tone and acts as an undereye highlight as well; it is perfect. I do not use it every day though because it is a bit pricey for a 6ml tiny little tube or bottle.


This fragrance is currently my go to scent. The girl working at Sephora recommended it, and so I gave it a try. Received a couple of compliments on it too (insert tongue-out emoji). I am bad at describing scent or anything really, but I will try, it smells like fresh flowers without making it overwhelmingly flowery or sweet; it is light and clean. Yes, there you go. Hehe.


I am fully committed to bronzing now. Totally can make a huge difference on your whole face’s complexion or overall appearance. The product and the packaging itself compliment with each other resulting into this adorable little bundle. Thanks to a good friend of mine for having such a great sense of Christmas present idea.


Still on the era of my ‘things that shimmers’. Took a break from using my Elizabeth Arden Liquid Highlighter and switch to Make Up Forever Pro Light Fusion in No. 1 which is golden pink, ideal for light to medium skin tones. I am recently obsessing over highlighting my nose bridge, cupid’s bow, brow bone, and chin. I use the Sephora Pro Fan Eventail 65 with it, which I do not really like but it does the job, so I still use it. You can never go wrong with highlight, and it seems like if you overdo it the better. But I don’t, overdo it. Hopefully.


I got my eyelashes permed, so I don’t have to deal with curling my lashes every single day. The thing is if my eyelashes are curled they tend to smudge the mascara big time. So finding a mascara that can minimise that is a bit tricky. I stumbled upon soap and glory products and found this Thick and Fast mascara, and it isn’t mentioned on the packaging if it is actually a waterproof one, but I like it a lot. It doesn’t smudge and can be removed easily every time I wash my face which is a good thing; because there’s nothing more annoying than removing waterproof mascara and trying hard not to pull all of your eyelashes off.


I recently cut my hair short, and so it means my styling options are limited now. I have been wearing my hair curled, and with the use of this product, it stays curled for at least 6 hours tops since this is a soft touch hold hair spray only and because I don’t like the feel of crisp and stickiness the strong hold hairsprays are giving. I use a 16mm curling wand, spritz some hair spray and dry shampoo if it is the second day, then call it a day.


I didn’t realise how much I missed wearing ear hoops until recently. They are in now, and I think they look cute with every outfit possible, and so I thought I would try them on again. I used to wear them since high school, I reckon. This one is from H&M, by the way.


I finished reading this book a while back, but it has remained fresh in my memory especially the images it has created. I tend to go back and flip the pages and I might or might not have read it a couple of times more. This book talks about issues surviving high school (regular millennial thing), bullying, love, struggles, life and death. The book is so well-written and expresses a particular message that will make you realise; you will never know what anyone could be thinking and feeling. It will leave you wanting to know more and more about what will happen next once you start flipping the first few pages. This is definitely my absolute favourite as of now; otherwise, this has not made it to my fave list. Highly recommend reading it and let me know if you cried too.

photo credit: google

Broadchurch is my current favourite TV Series. It is about crime, drama, and mystery. It has 3 seasons so far with 8 episodes per season. It makes you think and wonder what has happened as well, and the twists are just amazing and exciting. I can not wait for the season 4 to come out. Watch it, and I assure you, you will love it. Unless you are not into crime investigations, journalism and law related kind of stuff, this might bore you. I, on the other hand, enjoy it.

These are my current favourites. I hope you discover something you might end up liking too. Thank you for stopping by and take care of yourself!


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Fell In Love With Armenia

Hi, everyone! For those who are wondering and planning to visit the amazing Republic of Armenia, this is my version of a travel guide, I hope this somehow will be helpful. There are a lot of things to do and enjoy in that beautiful country. Like skiing and lying on the snow (haha), but seriously, a glimpse of what and how middle age probably or certainly looks like. From the aesthetic of the city, medieval churches and monasteries, up to the massive mountains stretched into the surface your naked eyes will ever reach, with my absolute best judgment – I am saying you’ll not regret it. I thought we simplify things so we can get to the point quick. From Abu Dhabi, UAE to Yerevan, Armenia, this was my 4-day itinerary.

  • Airline Ticket

Book your ticket with your airline of choice. I have chosen airarabia because they have the lowest airfare but departs from Sharjah International Airport. They’re having a deal of a return ticket for 1 week at 650aed and flight schedules are only Tuesdays and Fridays. If you happen to be traveling for less than a week, the fare will have a little difference (mine was 940aed), but I believe it’s still much cheaper than the other airlines. You can try checking out Fly Dubai as well. AirArabia offers a shuttle bus which I wasn’t aware of, you can check with your agent if you’ll book via travel agency and google it if you do it online. I took the bus from Abu Dhabi Bus Station going to City Centre Sharjah at 24:00 being the last trip because the first trip is 04:30 and my flight was 08:10 then it would have been bad if I came late; I then took a taxi to the airport for 32aed.

  • Hotel Booking

Booking can be done online with multiple choices of booking sites; I did mine at Hotel. Com. Either way, I highly recommend Kantar Hotel situated just few minutes walk from the Republic Square. You can choose your preferred room whether you want to stay alone in a room or in a shared room, of course, the prices will varry. My friend and I chose the shared room for 31aed/night since we just need some place to rest, take a shower and to store our luggage. It is a dormitory room with 4 double-decker beds and no worries you’ll have a locker to store your valuables. The hotel is affordable, clean and pleasant, you’ll get the best value for your money. They offer a broad range of delicious breakfast, coffee, and tea that is already included in your stay. The staff is friendly and very welcoming. Please bring your own toiletries (except paper tissues) indoor slippers, and plug in socket adapter.

Kantar Hotel, Reception Area
Kantar Hotel, Breakfast Lounge
  • VISA

Visa is upon arrival for 3000 Armenian drams (1 aed=129 drams) for up to 21 days of stay if you wish to stay longer you can extend and an additional fee will be charged accordingly. You need to secure beforehand the amount in Armenian drams because they might not accept any other currency, like dollars or dirhams, etc.

  • Airport pick up/drop off and Tours

You can contact Tours in Armenia if you haven’t had chosen anyone yet. Pick up from airport to your hotel is 2000 drams as well as drop off from your hotel to the airport. You can find the contact number on their page and you can communicate via whatsapp. They’re approachable and will reply to your query quickly. And also, their car has wifi which is quite nice or better. For the tours, I had 2 days from 09:00-18:00 top. Day 1: Geghard ChurchGarni TempleSevan LakeCable CarKecharis Monastery. Day 2: Khor VirapHin AreniNoravank. I would recommend joining the tour on the 2nd day from the day you landed, so you are well-rested and have the entire day.

  • Tour Fees

Day 1 – 5,500 drams

Garni Temple – 1,200 drams (entrance ticket)

Cable Car (Tsaghkadzor) – 2,000 drams

Day 2 – 6,500 drams

Hin Areni Wine Tasting and Tour – 1,000 drams

IMG_689385B4A832-1IMG_66831DBAA534-1IMG_31DC07F18137-1IMG_67A2B356A84C-1IMG_D6AA726A81C2-1IMG_8F5BAE3B4F8C-1IMG_5F0259B67C12-1IMG_3CD98F09887B-1FullSizeRender 16IMG_0FE0F0D15E16-1IMG_AE49BD957C00-1

  • Places to Eat

Pandok Yerevan

Shaurma Club

Tospia Restaurant

Kalian Khalill Maamoon

Food and present budgets are all up to you depending on how much would you wanna spend. Shops and restaurants accept visa and mastercard.

Tospia Restaurant


I would also like to share some experiences and thoughts about a couple of things that honestly surprise me. First thing, please please please don’t be rude to anyone, especially to the locals. I have seen kabayans acted kinda off even in public, like WHY? Why would you do that? Aren’t you supposed to prepare everything before you even step on the plane? You are coming to a foreign country, of course, you’ll gonna need the money in their own currency(!) We are all foreigners, and their country belongs to them, whatever their traditions and rules are – we are expected to obey and follow without questions. This is ridiculous and funny, but it bugs me- for instance in restaurants, please ask nicely for your RICE and SPOON. Second thing, we don’t need to give our comments to everything we see. If they are negative, we resist it and keep it to ourselves unless it is appreciative then we go share it. Notwithstanding our differences, we are well-mannered HUMAN beings (I believe..).

Good luck and have fun!

Don’t forget your cameras, extra batteries, and cozy outfits! xx

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Made it to Armenia

IMG_8493FullSizeRender 7FullSizeRender 6FullSizeRender 15FullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender 2IMG_8485FullSizeRender 3

Made it to the beautiful country of Armenia! Even the flight was delayed for almost 2 hours, we landed safe and just blown away by the stunningly medieval city of Yerevan. Can’t wait for the adventures that await for the following days. I so love the city as much as the people around, the ambiance is so pleasing and accepting that you almost feel at home. The city makes you feel like you’re experiencing some middle age vibe in the 21st century. Credits go to the Armenian citizens that preserve such gems. I highly recommend coming here and see it yourself. I’ll try to post a travel guide soon that hopefully can help out anyone planning to come.

Enjoy the rest of your week!××