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Hello everyone! Wow! it is been a while since the last time I have posted. I apologize for being MIA for the past couple of months. So, today I have decided to do the 52 Weeks of Blogging Challenge. This post is not counted as one of 52, this is just an introduction kind of. Basically, it’s a challenge where I have to post a blog every single week for 52 weeks. Okay, first thought, I was terrified because we are talking 52 weeks of non-stop blogging (although I have an entire week to actually prepare for it, not that it is happening every single day and has to stop after 52 weeks) and I know I am terrible at this. For sure I’m gonna be beating myself to keep this challenge productively flowing, but I think this will be fun. In all honesty, I want to do this to have myself something to look forward to because I am the queen of only having to rejoice if I did something productive. Haha. So, I believe I am off to a good start. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled and join me every Saturday at 4 pm for a brand new post! I am not mentioning the topics here now for a bit of surprise, but they will be interesting. Yayyy! Thank you so much for reading and sticking with me.

I hope you are having a lovely day and see you Saturday!


Jinky xx

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I mess around with so many different products but these are my top picks. I have been keeping it simple, and the lesser the product the better. When it comes to skincare I mostly focusing on keeping my skin moisturized, protected from the sun, and all that age-rewind sort of things.




Makeup Remover wise. I recently discover this from Sephora (obviously), when I was swatching products from them, the lady working there used this on my hands and I was impressed (so much that I have to purchase it) on how it clears your skin off of everything! It is a cleansing water but it works well in removing all your makeup. You just put on a cotton pad or two and rub it around your face. It’s amazing, highly recommend it.




Onto Moisturizer. I am using a moisturizer by Hada Labo. It is a Japanese skin care product that provides you with an intense hydration with its super smooth light texture, that is quickly absorbed by your skin without feeling it heavy or greasy at all. It is so good, it doesn’t cause me breakouts and you can see the difference between a well-moisturized skin and that’s not, the very next morning you wake up. I will link their site here so you can have a look if some of you are wondering. I got mine from a friend and she ordered them from Japan. The 140ml bottle goes a long way and I’m obsessed!




So, I have been experiencing itchiness in some areas of my face that are believed to be caused by dryness and probably because the season’s changing. This product has been a huge help in calming the itch and resolving the dryness. I use just a small amount and apply it to the affected areas.




SUNSCREEN. Yes, they are in capital letters to show how passionate I am about sunscreens. In here we get too much sun and I always and always put sunscreen, it is a huge thing for me. In fact, I use them night and day every day. It is not being extra, it is necessary to have it in your routine helping you avoid skin damages from UV lights, mentioning two of so many: wrinkles and dark spots. I love this one, it has SPF 50 in it and specifically resists and reduces the appearance of UV-Induced Aging.




Nose Mask. This has been my best find for effectively clearing out my nose pores. I do it once every other week and I kid you not, it causes me tears everytime I peel off the mask but hey it is good and it is working, so everything’s fine. It gives me joy how it makes my nose bright, clear, and smooth.




Face Mask. Often times, I switched things up from a peel-off mask to sheet mask depending on what my skin needs. But this one works so well for me that is why I’m sticking with it. I love this because it is not too intense but it does the job, declogging my pores from all the gunk that might have been accumulated from wearing makeup every day. I do this once a week and I absolutely love it, it leaves my skin smooth, fresh, and clean.

DISCLAIMER: I am asian and I tend to gravitate towards asian skincare products just because I have found that my skin reacts differently and there are products that do not work for me.

Alright, that is going to be it for today. Thank you so much for reading. Until next time!



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Wow it is insane how the time’s gone so quickly. This is a major throwback inspired by a blogger I follow. These are indeed, real moments, crazy amount of happiness, and a whole load of memories.

I remember laughing my heart out when my friend do this thing, she’s going to wistle at literally every single stranger in the street that she could possibly see and just smile or laugh at them everytime they turn around. LOL. I mean who does that? Oh well, she does, no one knows us and we’re in a foreign country so she couldn’t care less.

These pictures were taken during our trip to Hongkong last August and had a day exploring Macao. It was fun and nostalgia is actually kicking in rigth now. Anyways, I hope you guys are having a great weekend. I sure do. I have a couple of days off work and kind of contemplating either to sort-out my to do list or to just chill the days away with good movies and lots of sleeping sesh plus naps. We’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for stopping by!


Jinky xx

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I would do anything for aesthetic. As you might notice instagram is completely consumed by never-ending innovations on how to better photos. Recently I have tried making my way into the dusty-effect-phenomenon of instagram photos because I think they’re cool and cute. Now, I will show you how do I do mine.

Step 1:

Download the Afterlight app (I believe it’s $0.99 and also available for Android) then start exploring and creating. Open the application and choose the photo you want to edit by allowing the app to have access to your photos. You should see the same thing as you see in the image below.


Step 2:

After clicking the square thing, you will see 4 options that will look like the image below. Click the DUSTY one.


Step 3:

This is the final step. After you clicked the DUSTY, you will have 13 different choices of dusty effects. My favourite is number 12 as shown below and I usually click-and-save up to 4 times depending on how I would prefer the opacity of the effects will look like on my photo.


Check out the AFTER photo and other before and after images below.


So, there you have it guys and I hope this is helpful. As always, edit yours according to your liking and personal style. Happy editing!


Jinky xx



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  1.  Talk less and listen more. The older I get the more I appreciate this. 
  2. Sleeping more than 8 hours a day is a waste of time.
  3. It’s okay to let people go. You’re not going to die.
  4. Cleanliness is life so as doughnuts.
  5. Save money to travel, and travelling alone is not that scary.
  6. The world really needs patient and kind people. I am trying and I believe I am making progress.
  7.  Building a career is what makes me a real woman.
  8. It is okay to say NO.
  9. Praying does magic. 
  10. You don’t need to have lots of friends, one is enough if you got the right one. Choose wisely.
  11. Needs and wants are two different things.
  12. Humour is essential. 
  13. Cooking is fun but hard at times.
  14. Being a realist makes things easier.
  15. English is a Language, not a measure of intelligence.
  16. Eating more vegetables and less meat is always a good idea. EVER.
  17. Swimming is actually fun. No sea creatures are going to bite off your toes or legs that could potentially kill you.
  18. Scoliosis is a big deal.
  19. Sunscreen is a MUST. 
  20. I would freaking do anything, and I mean ANYTHING for my family.
  21. Not everything learned from school is applicable in life but that does not mean you don’t have to study.
  22. The ‘You’re not who you think you are or who I think you are, You’re who you think I think you are’ makes sense.
  23. Failing is okay, sometimes it is the beginning of something great coming.
  24. Never be ashamed of your struggles, they shape you.
  25. Hairstyle tells a lot about you.
  26. Nursing is my Life and Purpose.
  27. I got my attitude from my mother and my creative side from my father.
  28. Living and working overseas make people think you’re rich. What about preference?
  29. Celebrate you and celebrate being alone. It’s perfectly fine.
  30. Doing something you’re nervous about brings so much satisfaction when they work out.

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend! 


Jinky xx

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As you know or might not know, the weekend in the UAE falls on Friday and Saturday. I am so grateful that I get to enjoy them now. That being said, I went to the beach for two consecutive weekends now. Welcomed the sand on my feet, floated in the water and sort of swam a bit (because your girl right here can’t swim, like the actual swimming thing that swimmers do? yes that), and soaked under the sun. Plus I need to know how to swim and hanging out at the beach is a perfect way to do so. Also, I made a promise to myself to go out and explore the city as much as possible, though, I only have the weekends, we will make it happen!

For a quick background: The beach extends along Corniche Road from near the Hilton Hotel to beyond Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street. The beach is equipped with multiple umbrellas to use and cost AED 25 (US $6.81). It’s divided into different gates (Gate 1, 2, 3, 4) and these are the areas for family and friends with AED 10 (US $2.7) entrance fee, aside from the General Public beach (that is open and free of charge).

Rest assured that the place has a massive parking space and some are free of charge as well.


That is all for the update for now.

Keep your eyes peeled! Cheers!


Jinky xx

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Just a brief background, the Green Mubazzarah is the largest park in the city located in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Developed by Sheikh Zayed, known as the man who turned the deserts green and the founding President of the UAE. Green Mubazzarah is not just a park but also a historic place that the locals hold dear in their hearts. The place is situated at the base of the grand Jebel Hafeet, with its beautiful and lush natural landscapes and desert oasis it has become one of the top destinations for picnic and relaxation during the weekends and holidays.

As expected, yesterday the place was jam-packed with families and group of friends having picnic and quality time. Evidently, my friends and I joined in, we packed our lunch and drove to the place. It took about 25 minutes from the town centre and it will be almost 45 minutes if you’ll take the bus. If you fancy staying overnight, you surely can because Green Mubazzarah has chalets for rent. Check for the charges.

bda65510-1791-429b-8d95-1d9e4a50769f15fb32ef-64a5-4d29-96e6-cb847e2423ef1a95bc40-2222-4de4-bcdf-adde9bdd45afIMG_59919a5fdd2d-4f95-4901-ba91-d09bd6a1fbc9585bafc6-55ce-47c7-b308-51113e27e784d1960e1f-252b-41d6-847d-8c277e31bb02690e08b2-2667-4512-b5d1-1202a209bd37 2fa656a20-6d54-45a5-8539-4e31e1a0f5c6

It is just so fun having to spend the time under the sun, having a meal and lay down the grass to relax and get away from the busy streets of the city. Catching up with my friends is definitely one of the things I should do more. After a long week, it’s right to have a break and do nothing but giggle and chill.

Well, that is it for now. I hope you all are having a lovely weekend!


Jinky xx