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I have been on a hunt for a new facial cleanser and found Aveeno. I used a few products and did not find any distinctive result from a long time of using it. Sure, it cleanses your face, I hoped. However, with this product, I notice a difference right after patting my skin dry; it…


Beam of Shimmer

Officially fall into the wagon of shimmer (not too much for now). A friend of mine uses a shimmery blusher from NARS, and when I tried it I surprisingly loved it! The journey has begun, and I intend to keep the theme from now on considering I live in a hot country and every day…

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Picks & Bits

I love playing around with makeup like 99 % of the time. It has been part of my daily routine, and it pleases me every time I do mine. I don’t take ‘wearing makeup as a way of masking and whatnot,’ rather a way of enhancing what we are blessed with. Personally, wearing makeup kind…

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