Oh hello, again sun! Lately, I have been enjoying going on swimming despite the thought and the actual feeling of 107 degrees outside. Who am I? Haha. Just kidding! My eagerness to just go out after a long week is what makes me do it. My friends and I went to Saadiyat Beach and it’s so pretty! White sand, clear water and happy people hanging out having fun were just what I wanted.


I now like swimming and would certainly love to learn more. Oh, my Neurologist’s advising me as well to go swimming to help me with my mild scoliosis. I regret why haven’t I learnt how to swim when I was younger and most of all when I had my best chance. It scares me tho when cramps will hit me big time whilst I am in the water, then that would be the end of me. That’s an issue. I used to be so scared to get tanned, too and the constant thought of skin cancer that the sun might cause is hunting me. However, now I am cherishing and rocking the tan lines! I spent 6 hours at the beach yesterday and it was so much fun. Again, it would have been perfect if it was less intense than 107 degrees!

I hope you are having a fantastic weekend and I wish you productive weekdays ahead!


Jinky xx


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