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Beam of Shimmer

Officially fall into the wagon of shimmer (not too much for now). A friend of mine uses a shimmery blusher from NARS, and when I tried it I surprisingly loved it! The journey has begun, and I intend to keep the theme from now on considering I live in a hot country and every day feels like summer (after few weeks still) so it’s just appropriate I must say. I love how it’s added some radiant to the skin and makes it extra glowy.



First off, Bobbi Brown’s limited edition brightening blush in Truffle Pink. The thing is gorgeous! Honestly, the packaging is so over the top that sold me out as much as the product itself did. When you apply it, the color payoff is a bit brown (ish), and with a hint of soft pink, it is just perfect especially if you have a golden undertone skin like I do. With golden and dark eye makeup with nude lips, I think it will look bomb. Haha! I’m so bad at describing things. I hope you get what I mean.



I also stumbled upon a lipstick that is like a lip balm consistency with a bit of color and thought to give it a try since I wanted to re-open the possibility of wearing lipstick again especially colored ones. Hopefully, we are off to a good start. It doesn’t give that much of a colour, but it goes perfectly with the blusher and thus keeping the whole shimmering shimmery and golden nudeness situation going on, I just love it! 🙂

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A Day in my life


Today marks the 6th month since I left my previous place (used to be my home for two years), my workplace and my friends. I paid a visit and nostalgia kicked hard. I missed them so much and the places I used to see every morning on my way to work. Realizing that I am going old and eventually pass adulthood makes me cringe, because of how the time just flew by. Haha! But it’s all good, and this goes to show that I am aware that I am an adult and expected to act like one. Willingly, opened myself to change and worked my way through it as what I have imagined it going to be. I still can remember those times I caught myself wondering what to do next. But as long as we know what we want, we can always start from there. I wanted to explore more in a way that can help establish new learnings; for my career, personal and social well-being, and so I did. For now, everything is in the place where they’re supposed to be and happy beyond measure that I did the right thing for me. Take a risk, be sensible in things that are attainable and what are you capable of, then work on it, fight for it and never stop until you get it. Fear is always there, and it’s good serving as your reminder that screwing up is not an option and that you better do good!

The day was filled with giggles, catching up, and was productively fun. And of course horrible and shameless photoshoot in every corner possible. 🙂

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Picks & Bits

I love playing around with makeup like 99 % of the time. It has been part of my daily routine, and it pleases me every time I do mine. I don’t take ‘wearing makeup as a way of masking and whatnot,’ rather a way of enhancing what we are blessed with. Personally, wearing makeup kind of boosts my confidence and I feel like whatever the day may bring, I can handle it. That sounds very lame, but it’s true. I fancy me some good concealers to hide those under eye circles and keep the impression of being well-rested. Here are my current picks and bits.


For starter, on my face, I am keen with the foundation I’m using because that will make a huge impact on the overall appearance of your makeup. Currently, I’m using the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow of Benefit with the Pore Fessional primer (very important, to have a smooth base to work on and for foundation not to appear cakey) if I wanted a good coverage for days that I need to. Otherwise, on regular days, I mean like every day I’ll just use the tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier. With a damp beauty blender/sponge by Real Techniques and blending, then we’re good to go. For concealer, I used to use the Nars Creamy Concealer but sadly I hit bottom and haven’t had a re-fill yet, so, I started using the Maybelline Age Rewind that everybody’s raving about and so far I love it. For setting powder, I have been using the Laura Mercier setting powder for over a year now, and I don’t see myself shifting anytime soon. Bronzing is one thing that I need to practice more; sometimes I don’t realise that without bronzer, the face can appear dull or flat because of the foundation that gives it just a plain contrast on your face. Bronzer gives colour and dimension while blushers help you appear healthier by not looking pale.


For eyes, Mac Eye Shadow x9 in Amber has been the current pick. Nyx Eyebrow Cake Powder in Brunette with Benefit Gimme Brow as a setting gel and Nyx Slide On Pencil in Pure White that I use as a highlighter on the brow bone for a well-defined and clean-edged brows. I used to be obsessed with winged eyeliner, but over time I have forgotten it if I feel though I’ll use the Elizabeth Arden Liquid Eye Liner in Dark Valentine shade that comes out black with a mascara of the same brand. Lastly, tight lining with Rimmel London Waterproof black eyeliner to have an illusion of fuller eyelashes (the only drugstore product that doesn’t do this thing- smudging onto the lower lash line).

I’m not a lipstick expert because I don’t wear them. I seriously can put on a full on face makeup with vaseline on my lips and call it a day. In a certain occasion and circumstance, I would be using my lip stain that my friend got me as a Christmas present. But first, moisturizing the lips is a must.

My favorite part would have to be applying highlighter. It’s just amazing how can highlighting ties up the whole look and makes it a lot more better. Wanted to look glowing, fresh and flirty? Highlighting is the key. I am using Elizabeth Arden Liquid Highlighter, easy to apply and blends easily it is just wonderful!


Finally, on to setting spray. I have been using the Mac Prep+Prime setting spray; it does wonder for keeping makeup in place and making it last longer.

I tend to stick with a single product at a time or at least until I finished the whole thing, to let my skin soaked it up and get used to it. This way I can avoid imminent breaking out and overspend as well.

At the end of the day, removing makeup before bed is more important than applying it on before starting the day. I use wipes and a thorough cleansing with water. I’m not going to get into details, thinking of posting a skincare routine soon.

Thank you for stopping by! 🙂